Steel Fabrication Estimating Software

Steel fabrication estimating software is on the rise for many fabricators.  Over the lat 5 years, the fabrication industry has grown by over 30%.  However, the fabrication shops themselves have not increased the profitability.  In any other industry this would be a monstrosity, but in the fabrication world “we know whats best.”  I dont know how many times I have heard this in the past, that there is an art and not a science to what we do.  However, everything we do is based on science and engineering.  However, our stubborness to change makes our growth rate suffer and keeps us exactly where we were yesterday.

To change this steel fabrication estimating software is on the rise.  Steel fabrication estimating software companies are looking at ways to increase connectivity with customers and how business is done. Steel fabrication estimating software of the past, or what I like to call Excel, isnt a tool a future thinking organization should be using to create quotes.  When searching for steel fabrication estimating software, look for an all incompassing solution, that you never have to leave and can handle all of your processes.

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