Tapping Into the Data

As Computer-Aided Design (CAD) models became more intelligent they allowed quoting to become more accurate. Quoting software taps into embedded data associated with the part and rolls that information into the quoting process.  This approach allowed fabricators and metal service centers to know exactly how the job should be nested to maximize material use. This in turn helped determine exactly how much of a given material is needed to complete the job.

Today we’ve taken things a leap farther. Leveraging up-to-the-minute material costs, labor rates, machine run-time, post-cutting operations, and other information instantly plugs known variables into the equation.  As a result winning quotes can be generated in a matter of minutes. At the same time the integrated process examines inventory to determine is ample stock is available to complete the job. Accurate material pricing can be accessed to calculate costs for any additional material that will need to be purchased.  Furthermore, sophisticated quoting software even allows work orders to be combined to fully utilize material and production run-time and costs.

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