Cloud-Based Quoting

n a relatively short time the Internet has evolved into a viable production tool.  Tapping into today’s web-based tools allows savvy fabricators to make business and manufacturing transactions part of a daily routine.  So why not leverage this technology to create winning quotes?

Internet or cloud-based quoting offers a number of advantages. 

  • Simplified: The dashboard contains fields that, once populated, launch behind the scene calculations (rates, material costs, machine run-time, secondary operations needed and associated costs, etc.). This eliminates the need to be a seasoned veteran in order to create a quote.

  • Accessible: Web-based quoting is accessible by virtually anyone at any place. From laptops to tablets and cellphones, quotes can be generated on any device.

  • Fast & Accurate: By eliminating multiple manual touch points a paperless web-based quoting greatly simplifies and speeds the process. In a world where the fastest quote often wins, bids that have traditionally taken an hour or more to produce can be generated in five minutes or less.

  • Consistency: Your custom dashboard provides a common template for all who create quotes. Tapping into actual costs uniformly ensures that all quotes, regardless of the experience of the salesman, are consistent and profitable.

  • Affordability: Maintainability is a key advantage as updates are performed at a single location rather than multiple sources. Cloud-based quoting is available as an affordable subscription service.




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