Setting the Production Pace with Automation

Machines are programmed to perform tasks.  They don’t take bathroom breaks, stop for lunch, or check their Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat profiles.  In a manually-driven shop, the laser finishes the job and sits idle waiting for workers to off-load cut parts, install new sheets of material, and initiate the cutting process.

At any given time there may be five to ten thousand pounds of raw materials and finished goods on the off-load cart or pallets waiting to be taken to a secondary operation. Even the fastest worker cannot keep pace with a fiber laser.  Consequently the machine can only work as fast as the worker allows; and every minute that a laser isn’t cutting is lost revenue. 

What’s the answer? Automation. When the machine is free to load, cut, unload at its own pace productivity increases exponentially. But don’t stop there… automation also applies to the quoting process. Contact us to see just how more effective and efficient your quoting process can be.


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