Dictate Profitability with SecturaSOFT

As we continue to examine ERP/MRP systems, let’s take a closer look at one of the biggest names in the field – Microsoft Dynamics (MS Dynamics). Hey, anything with the name Microsoft in front of it MUST be a good thing to have right?  Well maybe; but when it comes to creating quotes for your metal processing business there is certainly a better option.

MS Dynamics is a mid-market ERP software package originally developed as a business accounting package in 1993 by Great Plains Software, an independent North Dakota-based company. Microsoft acquired Great Plains in 2001. Today, MS Dynamics is a part of the Microsoft Dynamics suite of intelligent business applications.

MS Dynamics is said to contain a number of business advantages:

·   Fast set-up, deployment, and data is easily migrated from legacy systems.

·   Automates manual tasks and redundancy

·   Slashes administrative costs

·   Increases efficiency and visibility

·   Improves expense management

·   Compatible with other in-house business systems

MS Dynamics is a robust and popular system with a wide range of financial capabilities.  But generating fast, competitive quotes is not its specialty. Integrating MS Dynamics with the robust metal fabrication quoting capabilities of SecturaSOFT can create a real advantage for users of these systems.

SecturaSOFT seamlessly integrates with MS Dynamics and other ERP/MRP (along with CRM) systems.

·      Push contact information from your system to SecturaSOFT.

·      Allow our solution to quickly and accurately create a quote to push directly back to your ERP/MRP.

With SecturaSOFT, digital quotes are accessible 24/7 and can easily be turned into work orders and invoices. Save time for your team and customers and in turn, win more.

Go here to request information on how we can help integrate SecturaSOFT with MS Dynamics.


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