Dictating Profitability

Intelligent web/cloud-based quoting replaces guesswork and inaccurate data with the most accurate variables. Leveraging known variables such as up-to-the-minute material costs, labor rates, machine run-time, finishing operations and related information allows winning quotes can be generated in a matter of minutes. Additionally, the flexibility of such systems allows each company to customize quoting per its unique standards or requirements monitored and adjusted by management.

Some tried-and-true methods are worth hanging on to. But fabricators who continue to rely on manual (or Excel-based) quoting methods are quickly losing ground to those who are leveraging automated quoting tools.  Replacing dated information or best guesses with known variables is a competitive advantage for those with the ability to quickly pull such details together. 

Every manufacturing operation costs money. Capturing expenses allows actual numbers to be generated.  Known costs can then be marked-up to the competitive situation. Once run-times, operators needed and processing time is known, material costs can be added. Doing this accurately requires applying real part geometry against materials. Employing interactive tech tables to achieve accurate run times from cutting machines, or even welding, can save hundreds of man-hours each year.  Leveraging known pricing, run-time, and other production variables, web-based quoting allows us to dictate profitability – not hope for it.


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