Calculating Metal Fabrication Costs

Revolutionize Metal Estimating

You can’t help but smile whenever you walk through the lobby. The shop floor looks quite a bit different today than it did when that faded black and white picture on the wall was taken.

In recent years you’ve added a laser cutter, nesting software, and an ERP system. Yes, embracing technology has helped take the business to the next level. Pop would be proud – you’ve brought the business into the digital era and have reaped the rewards.

So, why are you still creating quotes like its 1975?

You vs Them

Manufacturing and business systems have their place within any company. These applications eliminate manual input, manage vast amounts of data, promote efficiency, and accelerate productivity. All very good things for business.  But something else that is good for business (in fact great for business) are sales.  And these applications, as robust as they might be, are simply not designed for creating job estimates. Maybe this explains why so many fabricators continue to rely on traditional, manually intensive processes for generating sales quotes.

Automated Quoting

Automated quoting systems generate quotes two, three, maybe four times faster than manual methods.  With a literal push of the button CAD, STEP, PDF (and more) files are imported, attributes assigned, parts nested, run time and material costs calculated, inventory checked, finishing operations factored in and shipping costs calculated.  Within minutes, not hours or days, the quote is out the door and it’s on to the next.

Supercharge Quoting

The formula to more sales isn’t complicated. If you want to catch more fish, get more lines in the water. And if you want to increase sales, get more quotes out.  SecturaSOFT quoting software accelerates the process exponentially.

More quotes mean more sales which keeps cutting machines cutting, punching machines punching, metal forming machines… you get the point.  What’s more, the system captures, manages, and disseminates the experience, information, and know-how of your senior estimators allowing them to focus on important projects, and maybe even take a day or two off every now and then.

See for Yourself

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