Fabrication Quoting Software Provider – The Company They Keep

In an earlier Blog post, Does Your Fabrication Quoting Software Have Vendor Vision, we talked about the importance of vision.  Your fabrication estimating software provider must have the foresight to anticipate and stay ahead of industry trends from machine OEMs, other manufacturing and business software systems, and the industry itself. Today we’ll look at partnerships.

We’ve all heard the expression: You are known by the company you keep.  In this post we’ll talk a little more about relationships. Not only the relationship between you and your fabrication quoting software provider; but the collaborative development that a vendor maintains with equipment manufacturers, software vendors, and service providers.

In today’s digitally integrated world, no software operates on an island. It’s critical that your new fabrication estimating system interfaces with ERP and other critical business, financial, and manufacturing systems you may be using (or may one day implement).

Finding the Right Partner

So how can you tell who a specific vendor is partnering with? Simple, just ask. Any vendor with a valid partner program will gladly run through their litany of collaborators. You can also turn to the Internet as most companies proudly display alliances on their website. Look that over and be sure to ask what additional partnerships they have in place or are pursuing.

SecturaSOFT is one company that truly understands the importance of an integrated fabrication quoting solution. “We value the relationships we have with a number of ERP, CRM, accounting platforms, and integration specialists,” explained Carissa Smith, Marketing Director for SecturaSOFT. “Understanding their solution or service offerings from the ground up allows us to enhance SecturaSOFT’s fabrication quoting software for a seamless integration and use case for our customers. This allows for a single point of entry, reduced manual tasks and extreme visibility into their business.”

Treasure Transparency

Partnerships are critical; and most companies will share their alliances proudly and openly with prospects and customers. Ask your current or prospective estimating software solutions provider to be transparent with the relationships they’ve formed. This will provide a better understanding of how your systems can integrate uniformly for the most effective business process.

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