Fabrication Quoting Software: Analytics Driven Insight for Better Decision-Making

The Importance of Analytics

The next time you get behind the wheel of a car, think about all the real-time information that we’ve come to take for granted.  We instantly know how fast we’re traveling, when to stop for fuel, service the engine, or change the oil. Newer models will not only alert you when a tire is low on air but will pinpoint exactly which tire needs attention. 

Information is king, and dashboards are all about centralizing and providing up-to-date information. Real-time (and accurate) data allows for better decisions – whether you’re responding to immediate threats or planning for long-term success.

In recent years dashboards have become integral to such industries as manufacturing, power generation, supply chains, and many others.  Such systems have evolved to the point where even the smallest business can leverage their benefits. And now there is a dashboard developed specifically for fab shops, job shops, and metal service centers.

Turning Data into Decisions

SecturaSOFT recently announced major enhancements to its SecturaFAB automated quoting system. Expanded capabilities include (you guessed it) a comprehensive dashboard that organizes, updates, and displays key sales and production data from the shop floor to the front office. Turning data into information, SecturaFAB provides fab shops, job shops, and metal service centers with the detailed insight to support key business and production decisions.

SecturaFAB’s quantitative analysis eliminates subjective interpretation and guesswork. Now management can clearly, accurately, and objectively identify top sellers, quote win rates, determine their best customers, and pinpoint most profitable operations to leverage or materials to sell. 

“Estimators and sales staff know SecturaFAB as the industry’s leading automated quoting system,” said chief operating officer, Brad Stropes. “In this digital world, SecturaFAB brings analytics into quoting and sales management. These enhancements provide an even more complete sales management solution developed especially for manufacturers. More important, they provide our current and future customers with a tool to make the best-informed decisions with the highest returns on investment.”


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