Your Fabrication Quoting Software Provider: Like vs Trust

The Importance of Trust in a Software Solutions Provider

Human nature compels us to want to do business with the people we like.  So, for many fabricators, all else being relatively equal, likability is the trump card. You may be willing to pay a little more for the software, shell out for things like training, or even put up with a minor hassle or two if you genuinely like the people at a given vendor or supplier.

Make no mistake – likability is important, and we all want to try to help people who we like to succeed. But what you should be asking yourself is: “Do I trust this company?” We all know people we like but don’t trust (Remember your brother-in-law and that timeshare investment opportunity?).  After all, you are literally entrusting your quoting software partner with sales – and indirectly the future of your company.


The word transparency is tossed around so freely that it seems to have lost much of its meaning. A trustworthy partner will freely offer insight regarding development projects and realistic timetables. Here’s a good test to ask yourself – are implementation and training completed when you determine it to be: or is that the call of your software provider?

As a leading provider of fabrication estimating software, SecturaSOFT adheres to the underlying agile principles of iterative, value-based incremental delivery by frequently gathering customer feedback and embracing change. This results in faster time-to-market, better delivery predictability, increased customer responsiveness, an ability to change direction by managing changing priorities, enhanced software quality, and improved risk management. Sounds nice; but what does that all mean? For SecturaSOFT and its customers, it all boils down to creating an environment of trust.

“We practice transparency via a shared Kanban board” said Valter Bonelli, SecturaSOFT Director of Process Improvement.  “Together , with the customer, we inspect our product, processes, practices on a weekly basis. We strive for continuous improvement and value feedback along the way.”

What’s more, changes are welcomed as an opportunity to collaborate and clarify requirements and test the new hypothesis. SecturaSOFT is convinced that encouraging and embracing customer feedback is key to continuous improvement.  In fact, it’s critical.


Here’s the bottom line: You’ve built a successful career or business on integrity and openness. Demand the same of your metal fabrication software suppliers.

Contact SecturaSOFT to learn more about our people, company, and fabrication estimating software.  We would appreciate the opportunity to earn your trust.


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