Surveying the ERP Landscape: A Look at Epicor Kinetic

There is no shortage of quality ERP systems for fabricators and machine shops to choose from. Each with an impressive list of features and functionality. Let’s take a closer look at one of these systems.

The Software Formerly Known as Epicor

Epicor recently rolled out a major product upgrade for Kinetic 2021.1. These enhancements complete the rebranding of the Epicor ERP solutions as Epicor Kinetic. Epicor Kinetic 2021.1 represents decades of the Epicor manufacturing expertise fully reimagined for today’s modern workforce and digital business.

What’s New

·  New User Experience Design

·  100% Browser based

·  New User Interface Customization Tool

Epicor Software Corporation designed its ERP solution with decades of manufacturing expertise to maximize revenue with advanced project and production management. The system has the ability to:

·  Track work in progress in real time

·  Improve technical data processes

·  Increase automation and insights

·  Proactively manage shop floor and equipment operations remotely

·  Reduce skill gaps and build employee knowledge

·  Identify preventive maintenance needs

Epicor Kinetic boosts communications and streamlines processes to build stronger connections with employees, partners, customers, and suppliers. With 24/7 access Kinetic users are improve collaboration and responsiveness.

Want to see more? This video  provides some useful information for Epicor Kinetic ERP customers.

The Bottom Line

Epicor Kinetic is a viable ERP solution for metal fabrication job shops. Integrating Kinetic with the robust metal fabrication quoting capabilities of SecturaSOFT can create a real advantage for users of these systems.

SecturaSOFT seamlessly integrates with Kinetic and other ERP (along with MIS and CRM) systems that are used within the metal fabrication market. Push contact information from your system to SecturaSOFT. Allow our solution to quickly and accurately create a quote to push directly back to your ERP. With SecturaSOFT, digital quotes are accessible 24/7 and can easily be turned into work orders and invoices. Save time for your team and customers and in turn, win more.

Go here to request information on how we can help integrate SecturaSOFT with Kinetic ERP.



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