Sage ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)

system are very good at what they do; and have their place in metal fabrication or

machining industries. But relying on these systems for creating quotes to try to win a

fabrication or machining job isn’t leveraging the best use of their capabilities. In fact, it

can be a big step in the wrong direction.

While these systems are extremely versatile, quoting requires a very focused and

industry-specific system. Let’s take a closer look at one such system: Sage ERP.

Developed by Sage Group, Sage ERP was created for established businesses. Like

many other ERP/MRP systems that streamline operations and support collaboration,

Sage ERP provides users with essential information about the company and its

operations from a single database.

According to its developer, Sage ERP offers the following benefits:

  • Provides a single solution for managing your core business processes including

inventory, sales, customer service, finances, and more

  • Supports collaboration across divisions, countries, multiple sites, languages, and


  • Manages financial operations with general ledger, cost accounting, and budgeting

  • Controls procurement, cash flow and business purchases

  • Provides a complete view of your customers across sales, marketing, customer

service and support

  •  Is ideal for manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and service processes

SecturaSOFT Integration

Integrating Sage ERP with the robust metal fabrication quoting capabilities of

SecturaSOFT creates measurable advantages for users of ERP or MRP systems.

SecturaSOFT seamlessly integrates with Sage, SAP, Epicor, JobBOSS, and other ERP

or MRP (along with MIS and CRM) systems that are used within metal fabrication or

machining markets.

  • Push contact information from your system to SecturaSOFT.

  • Allow SecturaSOFT to quickly and accurately create a quote to push directly

back to your ERP/MRP.

With SecturaSOFT, digital quotes are accessible 24/7 and can easily be turned into

work orders and invoices. Save time for your team and customers and in turn, win more.

Go here to request information on how we can help integrate SecturaSOFT with Sage




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