Fulcrum ERP

Fulcrum is a SaaS ERP and MRP platform created for the needs of small and mid-sized manufacturers. Fulcrum is said to improve efficiency through workflow optimization and automated data collection.

Fulcrum offers a fully paperless and digital process leveraging machine learning, automation, predictive analytics, and advanced heuristics to help advance throughput and profitability. Fulcrum helps manufacturers get the most out of their shop through the optimization of scheduling and inventory.

For manufacturers the Fulcrum ERP/MRP system contains functionality for

·      Job Scheduling

·      Quoting

·      Capacity Planning

·      Quality control

·      Job/Production Tracking

·      Inventory Management

·      Invoicing

·      BOM Routing

According to the company: Fulcrum supports the next generation of manufacturers with digital workflows, machine learning, automation, predictive analytics, and vertical-specific advanced heuristics to drive better throughput, less waste, and higher quality.

Like other ERP/MRP solutions, Fulcrum has its strengths and limitations. And generating fast, competitive quotes is not its specialty. When it comes to quoting, that task is best left to the experts. Integrating Fulcrum with the robust metal fabrication quoting capabilities of SecturaSOFT can create a real advantage for users of these systems. SecturaSOFT seamlessly integrates with Fulcrum (along with other ERP/MRP/CRM systems) to provide a comprehensive and robust solution.

·      Push contact information from your system to SecturaSOFT.

·      Allow our solution to quickly and accurately create a quote to push directly back to your ERP/MRP.

With SecturaSOFT, digital quotes are accessible 24/7 and can easily be turned into work orders and invoices. Save time for your team and customers and in turn, win more.

Go here to request information on how we can help integrate SecturaSOFT with Fulcrum.


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