A Closer Look at SAP ERP

Continuing our journey through the world of ERP systems, next stop SAP!  A popular ERP system, SAP business processes include:

According to its developer, SAP helps businesses transform processes and adapt to changing conditions. The system’s features include built-in machine learning, digital assistants, and advanced analytics – cloud-based updates – flexibility and scalability and ease of use.


Launched in 1992, SAP ERP has undergone its share of enhancements over the years. In 2004 the program underwent a complete architecture overhaul which included the introduction of ERP Central Component. At the same time, the SAP Business Warehouse, SAP Strategic Enterprise Management, and Internet Transaction Server were merged into SAP.

This development helped to create a more encompassing enterprise-wide solution. Additional changes were made to support a service-oriented model. SAP ERP 6.0 has been updated through a series of enhancement packs. The most recent was released in 2016.

The system’s manufacturing capabilities are reported to allow intelligent manufacturing from design to operation.

This includes:

  • Insight to understand load distribution and real-time adjustments
  • Live MRP engine to rapidly respond to changes in demand and material availability
  • Mass production with minimal intervention
  • Collaboration between OEMs and service providers to enable quick fulfillment of custom orders, while reducing inventory and waste

SecturaSOFT Integration

Integrating SAP ERP with the robust metal fabrication quoting capabilities of SecturaSOFT can create a real advantage for users of these systems. SecturaSOFT seamlessly integrates with SAP and other ERP/MRP (along with MIS and CRM) systems used throughout the metal fabrication industry.

  • Push contact information from your system to SecturaSOFT.
  • Allow SecturaSOFT to quickly and accurately create a quote to push directly back to your ERP/MRP.

With SecturaSOFT, digital quotes are accessible 24/7 and can easily be turned into work orders and invoices. Save time for your team and customers and in turn, win more.

Go here to request information on how we can help integrate SecturaSOFT with SAP ERP.


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