In Search of Customer Service Part 1

All companies genuinely want to see their customers succeed and will take steps to help ensure that success. In the software business, customer success is the ultimate win-win. The fabricator walks away with the reassurance that they’ve picked the right software and the vendor walks away with a happy customer and an opportunity for repeat business. Unfortunately, too many software providers simply do just that – walk away. Never to be heard from again or at least until it’s time for that annual subscription renewal telethon. 

In truth the difference between one product and another is often razor thin. But companies that truly emphasize service can really distance themselves from competitors.

Do Your Homework

So how can you factor an unknown variable, such as customer service, into the buying equation?  And how can one quantifiably determine the extent to which a software vendor values customer service?

The truth is you cannot. However, there are steps one can take to make a somewhat informed decision.  Here are a couple to consider:

  • Request a list. Reach out to current and past customers to investigate how they were treated throughout implementation, training, and especially after the sale. Are they made to feel appreciated and supported? Do they feel as if input is encouraged?  Just understand that any company-provided names will likely be vetted to ensure a positive response.
  • Whenever possible, speak with the end-user. Those who prepare metal fabrication quotes interact directly with help-centers and have a first-hand experience with customer service.
  • Go online. Company reviews can be found easily enough with a web search. Just remember to take anonymous posts with a grain of salt, it’s easy for a customer with an axe to grind, a competitor, or disgruntled ex-employee to trash a company without justification.
  • Make the call. While you have your phone out, call the company’s support line, or contact them via a web form. Are you speaking to or chatting with a real person?  Are they radically responsive? 


Customer service is important. Take a closer look at SecturaSOFT and see what metal fabrication quoting software and customer service are all about.


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