In Search of Customer Service Part 2

When the functionality between competing software packages is minimal, its customer service that can make all the difference. Here are some areas to consider.



Customer support encompasses all areas where the vendor interacts with the fabricator.  Training is an important element as it allows the fabricator to hit the ground running and begin recouping a return on investment.

Ensure that training is readily available, tailored to your needs, schedule, and situation. Although travel restrictions have been eased, remote training remains a viable alternative.  Explore the available options to ensure that remote training is available and effective.

If you believe that service is every bit as important as software, make sure the vendor agrees and puts this philosophy into practice.


When your software isn’t working neither are you; and every minute of downtime is money lost. While its usually best to talk directly to someone at the support desk, one cannot always expect an answer in real-time. But something as simple as a chat option on the website can be incredibly useful and provide some level of comfort. 

As a leading provider of metal fabrication quoting software, SecturaSOFT prides itself on responsiveness and makes a chat option available to help meet the needs of a growing customer base.

“I’ve probably used the SecturaSOFT chat option 50 times and 49 times I’ve gotten a response within the minute,” said Dustin James, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Sales Manager for Russel Metals. “The one time I didn’t it turned out that the office was closed to observe Thanksgiving Day in the U.S. It would be very easy for a company to cut back and save some money on support or to say you’ll get a response within 24 hours.  But being radically responsive says a whole lot about the quality of the vendor.”

A Long-Term Investment

Service can create a real bond and go a long way toward brand loyalty. But if you’re a vendor or supplier be warned, there is a difference between actual and perceived service; and customers know the difference.

“You can tell a lot about a company by the way it operates,” concluded James. “Everything from the software to the people who represent it are key components of the business. Are they responsive to questions, demonstrations, meetings, training, etc.?  How they value support is a key indicator. You’re making a long-term investment with this company, and you want to know that they value your success as much as you do.”

Contact SecturaSOFT to see what metal fabrication quoting software and customer service is all about.



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