Give Your Quoting Software Investment the Attention it Deserves!

As someone who cuts, chips, or bends metal for a living, you take the time to thoroughly investigate all purchases. You scrutinize capital equipment options pouring over the expected ROI. And, although nearly all major equipment brands offer strikingly similar features and functionality, you know that the little things make all the difference.  

From the people you hire to the equipment you purchase; you want to know that you’ve made the absolute best investment. So why then are you content to select just any quoting system? 

Automation is Essential 

Those in the metal processing industry have several options available for creating quotes. These range from manual methods and EXCEL to an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, or a dedicated quoting system. 

Manual calculations and spreadsheets are antiquated approaches that are time-consuming and open to human error. It goes without saying that in today’s competitive and digital business environment these options are a recipe for lost sales. 

ERP systems were developed to automate a variety of tasks, such as payroll, order processing, invoicing, reporting, and in many instances, job estimating. Nearly all of these systems appear capable of generating quotes and, on the surface, seem to be a fit for your business.  But if that software does not include a quoting module developed by metal cutting professionals specifically for the industry, you’re sacrificing some important functionality – and likely much more.  

Dedicated quoting systems go a step further. These systems deliver a solution that is focused on creating quotes. They automate the process, account for the latest machine, operator, and material costs, and factor in all primary and secondary operations and related costs.  

Ensure Profitability 

Too many fabrication or manufacturing business owners and estimators operate by intuition. In such cases, companies are quick to latch on to the first automated solution that comes along. Failure to investigate the market means that contracts are being lost or money is being left on the table; maybe a lot of it.   

While winning any competitive bid sounds like a boost to your business, it could become a disaster if you’re not pricing correctly and covering job-related costs. Fortunately, an industry-specific quoting system will help to ensure that future contracts will be profitable.  

Get to Know the Vendor  

Any software is only as solid as the company behind it. When committing to a quoting solution, you’re essentially entrusting that company with the future of your business. Identifying a software company that understands your business and truly delivers benefits with commitment to the future.  You want a partner who is going to train and support you and who is going to listen to your input and advance the system regularly. 

Make the Right Choice 

Implementing the right quoting system in your fabricating or manufacturing business should be one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Take a closer look and you’ll see why more and more job shops, fab shops, machine centers, manufacturers, and metal service centers are turning to SecturaSOFT.  




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