Our Mission

SecturaSOFT’s mission is to provide superior quality business management software for steel fabricators that customers love, OEM’s select for their clients, employees are passionate and proud of, and stakeholders seek a long term relationship with.


What is SecturaSOFT?

SecturaSOFT is a software company dedicated to developing web-based applications for the fabrication industry. Our SecturaFAB quoting solution is the perfect option for steel fabricators, job shops and service centers who are looking to increase efficiencies while reducing time and costs of ineffective quoting systems. We have streamlined the sales, production and invoicing process by supplying an integrated solution with existing CRM, CAD-CAM software and financial systems.

With SecturaFAB’s intuitive quoting solution, sales staff can create accurate geometry bases quotes that convert to production instructions, and ultimately to an invoice. The production staff can manage production routings and monitor the progress of orders that are being manufactured. The financial staff is notified when orders need to be invoiced and given the ability to create these invoices. SecturaFAB’s dashboards and control panels give business owners and managers a tool to effectively manage their business.

Pierre Slabber, CEO


What does SecturaSOFT mean?

Sectura is Latin for cutting, translated SecturaSOFT means Cutting Software.