Is this an ERP/MRP system?

SecturaSOFT was built as an integration platform to other solutions.  Many organizations have solutions such as ERP, MRP, accounting and nesting platforms.  Because of this SecturaSOFT wants to focus on making such systems better.  This is why we introduced SecturaQUOTE.  This is the first fully open solution which integrates into your other platforms.  Our goal is to make the software you have already invested into much better.  This is why we call ourselves a "HUB."  We are the single point that ties your ERP, CAD, CAM, nesting and accounting software together.

Why did you build SecturaFAB?

SecturaFAB was built for one purpose, that is to win you more business.  This is done by eliminating the excess time it takes to estimate a job, eliminate secondary input, and eliminate time to give customers feedback.  This includes a range of applications such as our quoting solution, our scheduling platform and our integration suite.

How can I Access the software?

SecturaFAB is accessed through a browser of your choice.  This means that if your platform has a browser you can function inside of SecturaFAB.

Where does the software reside?

SecturaFAB can be hosted in the cloud or onsite.  You can access the software through a browser with either installation.

How is the software licensed?

SecturaFAB is licensed on a per email basis and utilizes an individuals email to track what their progress and jobs within the software.

Can you support International Customers?

SecturaSOFT is an organization who focuses on our support.  We have several customers who live all over the world and support each customer with the highest level of support, local and abroad.

How can SecturaFAB handle quoting unique processes?

SecturaFAB is unique in the way it has been built.  It has a very powerful engine that can be changed to fit any organizations quoting methods.  We can build calculators to fit your organizations operations all while maintaining support for the software,  This is done by creating operations that fit the methodology that your organization uses to quote.