Quoting Introduction

SecturaSOFT is the fastest quoting and estimating platform in the world. SecturaSOFT can quote from any type of geometry. SsecturaSOFT import DXF. DWG, STEP and even simple image files. We can increase the number of quote an estimator can complete by more than 300%. Our goal is to be sure you are the first one back so you can win more business.


Build Relationships

Import contacts from your CRM or ERP system, define payment terms, credit limits and discounts, auto-complete info when creating quotes or orders. View all quotes created for each client and manage quotes and orders on any web enabled device.

DXF/DWG or Smart Shapes

Upload DXF or DWG files to quote, extract multiple parts from one CAD file eliminating the need to separate each part into separate files before you can quote them. If you do not have a DXF or DWG file you can use one of the smart shapes to define or approximate the geometry that you need to quote.

Bar, Structural, Pipe & Tube

SecturaFAB has the capability to add long items to you quote such as bar, structural beams, pipe and tube. You can select these items from the catalog and define the length and quantity requires for the quote.

Bend, Weld & Paint

Custom operation calculators allow you to define different ways to calculate the cost for your secondary operations such as bending, rolling, welding and painting. Secondary operation can also be added to the entire quote or to specific line item in the quote.

Sheets, Plates & Long Stock

Inventory manager can integrate with your CAD/CAM stock libraries allowing you to add new sheets and plates to your library and view the available stock from within SecturaFAB.

Price List Items

Price list items allows you to add components to your quote that you do not manufacture, these are items that you purchase and then resell. You can add multiple prices lists with different price breaks for each item in the price list.

Engineering & Shop Labor

Some quotes may require labor costs that are not reflected in the line items of the quote, for example engineering or additional shop hours, SecturaFAB has a service option that allow you to add these hours to your quote as an separate line item.

Reports & Cost

Predefined reports and a built in web based report writer allows you to customize any of reports. The dashboard and status screens gives you live feedback of the status of your quotes and order. Material costs and labor costs save in a central location allowing controlled access to default costs used for quoting.


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