Invtegrate your accounting & ERP

SecturaSOFT is built as an application that can integrate into your other software solutions. SecturaSOFT have integrated into most ERP solutions and accounting solutions. Not only can SecturaSOFT import costs and customers, but also push back routes and work orders.



SecturaFAB has a contact manager that is used when creating quotes. You can import the contacts and organizations from a csv file or you can uses one of the synchronization modules that allows you to do a one directional or bi-directional sync of your contact data with your CRM or ERP system.


SecturaFAB stores all the geometry requited to quote, as well as any other documents that where uploaded during the quoting process. When a quote is converted to a work order an entry is made in the CAM/CAM software’s work order manager system. If the part was marked as production ready the geometry will also be transferred to the CAD/CAM software.


SecturaFAB can synchronize the stock sheets and plates with the stock sheets and plates of your Nesting CAM/CAM software including the remnants and the geometry of the remnants. This allows anyone that has a SecturaFAB login, including your sales staff, to view the actual shapes of the remnants.

ERP / Accounting

After a work order is completed the status of a sales order is changed that allows your controller or financial staff to seamlessly convert the sales order to an invoice in your ERP or Accounting software.


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