SecturaFAB® Quoting

  • Integrate to your ERP Solution

  • create quotes in minutes rather than hours

  • send routes back to your erp solution

  • built for fabricators and jobshops

  • win more business

“ In Sectura, we can take CAD files in and have 10 ready to cut parts in about 4-5 minutes, saving almost 40 minutes. The pricing directly out of Sectura was in line with a fully worked up quote. ”
“ We do dozens of quotes per day, so by the end of the day with 5 sales guys using the system, we should be able to take on a lot more work without hiring any new staff, be more profitable, and are much more organized. ”
“ The biggest difference is I only had to put in the information for the parts and customer 1 time, instead of 2-3 like most programs I have used all require double and/or triple data entry. ”

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