Inventory Introduction

SecturaSOFT is more than just a sheet metal estimating software. It is an environment integrated to your erp platform for sheet metal and fabrication estimators to optimize the estimating process. We can obtain cad cam nesting run times, calculate weld cost, obtain complex pressbrake operations, and quote for any operation, to create quotes in minutes rather than hours.


Bars, Tube & Pipe

The Stock module integrates with your Nesting CAD/CAM software stock library, this allows you to enter plates and sheets directly into CAD/CAM software stock library and view your stock online from any web enabled device.


Because SecturaFAB has a geometry bases inventory control library it enables you to view the shape and form of any remnant that you have entered in to the system. This also allows SecturaFAB to maintain accurate weight and cost information of your remnants.

Vendor Selection

Studying vendor pricing can establish preferred vendor status leading to long-term cost savings.


SecturaFAB enables you to track and manage your sheet certificates. You can upload multiple certificates for every sheet or plate in the system.


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