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SecturaFAB was hands-down the best fit. From the user interface to the software’s ability to automatically process plate and sheet and how it works with DXF, PDF, STEP and even Image files. We just load the file, select the machine, and hit Go. The software enters the variables, does all the math, and generates the quote.

Jeff Clouser
Chief Operating Officer
Amazon Steel

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Reduce training time with our step-by-step, guided tool suitable for all experience levels.

We take the guess work out of, well, work. New hires can add value faster than ever, all the while, we’ll help reduce errors from even the most experienced members of your team. Worrying about broken formulas in Excel is a thing of the past.

Don't lose sleep over institutional knowledge walking out the door.

It’s a dense industry with a lot of tribal knowledge centralized to a few industry-vets. SecturaFAB makes training industry newbies easier, retains your quotes histories, and more importantly, we make sure you can keep the lights on when years of experience walks out the door.

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Your Machines, Your Way

Imperial or Metric? Costs by Area or Weight? We can do both.

Quote Faster With These Features

True-shape nesting powered by our advanced algorithms.
Coil analysis to run nests for sheets and plates.
Pull in materials, costs, and sheet variances straight from your ERP.
Obtain run times for laser/plasma cutters, punches, and CNC machines.
Ability to deconstruct large 3D files and return nested material costs & quantities.
Automatic work order creation and invoicing in the accounting software you use every day.
Accepts all file types including DWG, DXF, Step, PDF or 3D models.
Clean up geometry in your files.

Creating Nesting Estimates Has Never Been Easier


Nest on multiple sheets and materials to define the optimal length and width.


2D linear nesting for saw and tubelasers to define material costs for better decision-making.


Easily re-nest a job on any drop or remnant that currently resides in inventory.


Utilize our master coil analysis to run nests for sheets and plates.

SecturaFAB provides ease and flexibility to create a universal approach to accurate and profitable pricing.


Create run times from your current lasers, plasma, waterjet, and punch combo machines.


Easily translate PDF’s, 2D CAD files, unfolded STEP files, and import hundreds of drawings in seconds.


Nest multiple parts to understand materials needed, remnants, and develop dynamic costing.


Integrates easily with your current ERP or MIS software to improve your current work order system.

Be the First to Quote


Eliminate the need to separate parts into individual files by uploading a DXF, DWG, or 3D model.


Custom calculators provide ease and flexibility to easily define secondary operations. 


By selecting bars, structural beams, or pipe and tube from a catalog, you can simply define the length and quantity.


Allow customers to upload a file, select specifications and quantities, and provide a quote back instantly.

Integrate, then Automate.

With a RESTful Web API, SecturaFAB allows for easy integrations with a number of platforms. A fully integrated systems allows for a seamless import of part geometry all the way through to a final estimate and order.