Nesting for estimating

SecturaSOFT has the unique capabilities to nest not only flat parts but linear parts as well. SecturaSOFT runs nests to establish nested weights, understand best sheets per job and analyze the master coil needs vs scrap rate.


Multi-Part Nesting

Nest on multiple different sheets to develop discover the optimal length and width.

Multi-Head Nesting

Our advanced nesting algrythm can quote and schedule based on any number of heads.

Integrate your CAD/CAM

Interface with major nesting platforms to obtain continuity and leverage multiple different technologies.

Machine awareness

Nest based on your machines capabilities.  Whether its a multi-head plasma or a punch combo machine, SecturaSOFTS tech-tables allow you to get the most out of your machine.

Coil Analysis

Not only can SecturaSOFT run nests for sheet and plate. Master Coil analysis can be run through our unique coil application.

Nesting on Rems and Drops

Plan, Schedule and re-nest on any drop or remnant in your inventory.  Obtain true clarity on your current stock.

Nested Cost

Gain insight into the true costs of each part utilizing our quote nesting and rectangle nesting features.


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