Fabrication Software

Fabrication Quoting from ERP/MRP

ERP and MRP solutions help our organizations stay in control of their operations and their inventory.  However, they often fall short when it comes to quoting quickly.  The reason is that they cant integrate easily with geometry.  Most are a series of databases copying information from one cell to another, but have no real intelligence behind them.  SecturaSOFT can integrate to make your ERP solution more powerful by allowing your organization to pull in direct from a drawing, then utilize your ERP system to quickly quote.  In addition, you can look up the material on hand to obtain delivery dates.

Fabrication Quoting with Solid Models

A constant within the world of software is whats called "Shadow Solutions."  Shadow software solutions are usually implemented by a small group of individuals to solve a problem, but create a silo of data within a companies process.  One example of this is Solid CAD solutions.  Organizations will develop amazing CAD drawings with a lot of information, but need to be transitioned out of this solid model state for the rest of the organization to use it losing valuable information.  The solution to this problem is to use a integrated platform which can read directly from these files.  SecturaSOFT is able to do this, by pulling in Solidworks files, understanding materials, products, BOMS and processes from such drawings to create the BOM in your ERP/MRP solution.