SecturaSOFT’s Pricing model is unique and too difficult to price online due to the fact that it depends on how integrated you would like the solution to be, how many operations are in your shop and the amount of users. See below for a list of items to consider while looking at our solution and schedule a demonstration to establish your pricing.



  • How many operations do you have within your organization?

  • How many Machines will you quote with SetcuraSOFT?

  • How should we build your operational calculators?

  • Would you like us to auto-generate your run time calculators for Bending, Welding, Laser and more?

  • Do you build BOMS that need an advanced configurator?

  • What type of files might you obtain?


  • How many estimators will you have in the system?

  • Would you like them all to create RFQ’s and RFP’s?

  • How many vendors will you want access to?

  • What roles will you have in the company? In example, estimators, road sales, approval and admin.

  • Would you like to connect directly to your vendors

  • Would you like to connect directly to your customers?


  • Would you like us to integrate with your ERP or stand alone?

  • Would you like material costs and customer to be integrated?

  • Should SecturaSOFT push workorders back to your ERP system when a quote is won?

  • What type of ERP are you running?

  • Are you using an external accounting platform? If yes, which one.

  • Do you have connection with your ERP consultant or expert?

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To find our more about pricing. Feel free to contact us!