Laser Preventive Maintenance

No matter if you have a CO2 or Fiber laser, understanding preventative maintenance is a critical step in getting the most out of your investment.  Let's take a closer look at some of the often overlooked of laser preventive maintenance.

On a daily basis, it’s important to ensure that the laser nozzles are properly aligned and the cutting head and height sensor are clean and free of dust build-up. Also check the water level in the chiller, confirm that operating air supply lines are free of moisture and contaminants. You should also confirm assist gas and purge gas supply levels. These steps take only a few minutes to perform but you would be surprised at how often they are overlooked.

At the same time there are a number of steps that should be performed on a monthly basis. 

  • Slats should be cleaned or replaced if broken or worn down
  • Remove excess laser dust and slag from inside the machine
  • Air filters and chiller condenser coils should be inspected and cleaned
  • Confirm set-point temperatures on the chiller and replace water and add treatment chemicals as needed
  • Check auto-lubrication reservoir levels and follow factory lubrication intervals
  • Inspect hoses for holes and signs of wear
  • Check the dust collector and empty the dust container
  • Inspect the laser safety enclosure for cracked or broken windows
  • Reload factory tech tables (cutting conditions library) and sub-routine programs

Up Nest: CO2 vs Fiber Maintenance


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Fabrication Quoting from ERP/MRP

ERP and MRP solutions help our organizations stay in control of their operations and their inventory.  However, they often fall short when it comes to quoting quickly.  The reason is that they cant integrate easily with geometry.  Most are a series of databases copying information from one cell to another, but have no real intelligence behind them.  SecturaSOFT can integrate to make your ERP solution more powerful by allowing your organization to pull in direct from a drawing, then utilize your ERP system to quickly quote.  In addition, you can look up the material on hand to obtain delivery dates.

Fabrication Quoting with Solid Models

A constant within the world of software is whats called "Shadow Solutions."  Shadow software solutions are usually implemented by a small group of individuals to solve a problem, but create a silo of data within a companies process.  One example of this is Solid CAD solutions.  Organizations will develop amazing CAD drawings with a lot of information, but need to be transitioned out of this solid model state for the rest of the organization to use it losing valuable information.  The solution to this problem is to use a integrated platform which can read directly from these files.  SecturaSOFT is able to do this, by pulling in Solidworks files, understanding materials, products, BOMS and processes from such drawings to create the BOM in your ERP/MRP solution. 

Scaling and CAD clean up

Utilizing geometry within a quoting and scheduling platform gains organizations a very large advantage.  Most MRP/ERP solutions utilize basic copy and paste functions when making calls between databases.  With this method, all geometry is held outside of a companies global solution.  In addition all changes must be made in a separate CAD solution.  Integrating geometry directly in your MRP / Fabrication quoting solution give you the ability to make changes without ever leaving the global system.  This means a single point of entry, no duel entry, and no shadow systems which is not tracked by you.

Integrating CAD into your ERP/MRP solution

Most ERP and MRP solutions now have some import functionality for multiple different types of files.  However, few have the ability to import CAD files and utilize the geometry in an intelligent manner.  SecturaSOFT has the ability to not only import multiple CAD files, but utilize run times, weights and nesting algorithms to intelligently quote.  In addition, you can then pass such geometry and information into your ERP, MRP or nesting solution. 

Fabrication Quoting: Jobshop Saw Planning

In todays world jobshop processes are becoming more complex.  Quoting each process and planning each process is becoming a larger issue as lead times fall.  SecturaSOFT has developed the integration of length nesting for saws.  Our biggest value add is that we can incorporate mitre cuts into our nesting algorythm.  This sames time and money, by utilizing the best cut plan possible.  In addition, you dont need multiple platforms or "shadow quoting," with external excel spreadsheets or secondary software to create quotes.  SecturaFAB completes all in a single step

SecturaFAB RFP

SecturaFAB has developed a new way do easily complete RFP and RFQ's sent by your company out to potential suppliers.  We have integration directly into SecturaSOFTS quoting and accounting solutions to nest and understand how to much material you need to order from your suppliers.  SecturaFAB will then send out requests which you may accept at any time.