SecturaFAB® Quoting

for metal fabrication

Do you spend most of your day generating quotes for your laser or burn table? Do you spend too much time taking off drawing to create estimates for tender that you need to bid? SecturaFAB Quoting was developed for you. SecturaFAB Quoting, generates winning bids quickly and accurately using known variables. In just seconds, pricing is generated based on real production data and actual costs. Best of all you’ll know exactly how profitable the job will be before the quote is even submitted.

“ In Sectura, we can take CAD files in and have 10 ready to cut parts in about 4-5 minutes, saving almost 40 minutes. The pricing directly out of Sectura was in line with a fully worked up quote. ”
“ We do dozens of quotes per day, so by the end of the day with 5 sales guys using the system, we should be able to take on a lot more work without hiring any new staff, be more profitable, and are much more organized. ”
“ The biggest difference is I only had to put in the information for the parts and customer 1 time, instead of 2-3 like most programs I have used all require double and/or triple data entry. ”