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In today’s advanced fabrication industry, there are a wide range of equipment, systems, and processes used by metal service centers, job shops, and fab shops for sheet metal cutting. From lasers and plasma to waterjet, punch, press brakes, and more, there are many options for fabricators to choose from.

To streamline the quoting process for sheet metal cutting, SecturaSOFT offers automated quoting software that is designed to put this capability within reach for nearly every fabricator. With SecturaSOFT, you can easily generate quotes for sheet metal cutting jobs, allowing you to quickly and accurately estimate project costs.

Customized for your Business

SecturaFAB software provides fabricators with an efficient and reliable solution to import CAD geometry, linear products, assemblies, and similar components quickly. The software is designed to streamline the estimating process by providing an accurate calculation of the costs involved in each project, ensuring that the quotes generated are competitive and priced to meet profit margins.

With SecturaFAB software, estimators can be confident in the accuracy of their quotes, as the system calculates machine setup, run times, material and operator costs, and other estimate costs and variables. This saves time and eliminates the potential for human error, as the software performs all necessary calculations automatically.


No CAD File? No Problem!

With SecturaFAB, you can look up your part type in the software’s library of part descriptions!

Our robust platform incorporates cost look-up tables that allow fabricators to calculate machine costs accurately. This ensures that the quotes generated by SecturaFAB software are comprehensive and include all costs associated with the fabrication process. Additionally, the software generates feed rates from tech files that are customized to suit your shop’s needs, making it a highly flexible and adaptable solution for fabricators of all sizes.

Try SecturaFAB software today and experience the benefits of streamlined quoting for yourself!

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Tube Laser Operation

Fiber Laser Operation

Laser Punch Combo Operation

Waterjet Operation

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