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Cost- Free

Supported Platform- Solidworks, SecturaFAB, SecturaEnterprise

Current Release-1.1.5

SecturaFAB Smart Deliver App

SecturaSOFT Users- SecturaFAB Smart Deliver is an application developed by SecturaSOFT that has been built specifically for you and your customers to export Solidwork assembly's directly to SecturaFAB.  The tool can be downloaded for free and integrates into your Solidworks instance.  Your customers can download this platform, which gives them the power to export .SF file extensions.  This allows you to quote significantly faster, be more accurate and turn quotes around in a much more efficient manner. 

Non SecturaSOFT Users- This tool is  free download which integrates directly into your Solidworks instance.  Once you download, you can export full assemblies in seconds into a .SF file format.  You can then send full assembly files to those who you would like to obtain a quote.  This will help package the entire assembly and keep the export small.  In addition, you will obtain the quote much quicker from your Fabricator.  

Free Download Below