From Quote to Finished Part

Sponsored by: G&W Machinery, Striker-Systems, SecturaSOFT


This 30 minute webinar will demonstrate how to measurably improve your shop’s throughput from Quote and Cut to Bending

SecturaSOFT is the leading application to easily develop complex quotes and turn them around in no time.  SecturaSOFT has the unique ability to bring in any file PDF, DXF, STEP and Napkin Drawing, to create complex run times, welding calculations and complex forming operations estimates.  Once the quote is won, SecturaSOFT will send information available to your ERP/workorder, out to your Striker estimating platform solution and out to G&W Machinery’s laser to cut in seconds.  G&W lasers and press brakes quickly turn accurate parts around to increase throughput.


·       Introduction

·       Importing CAD

·       The Quoting Process

·       Nesting the Part

·       Laser Cutting the Part

·       Bending the Part Press Brake

·       Recap / Q&A